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Football attends Media Day

Contributed by admin on Aug 21, 2015 - 04:54 PM

Wichita, Kan. - Bethel football participated in the annual KCAC Football Media Day sponsored by IMA.  Each coach presented a preseason synposis of their teams and the coaches and media voted in the pre-season conference poll.

Bethel Coach, Morris Lolar described his team as a work in progress and used the new looking Bethel helmet to illustrate the team's plan for success this season.  Each Bethel helmet as ACT across the front of the helmt.  This stands for "Accountibility, Commitment, and Trust," as descrbed by Lolar.  This is the basis for the team this year..  

Lolar shared that people can expect a defense oriented game running a 4-3 defense and expect the ball to be run offensively.  

The pre-season coaches poll placed Bethel in 9th place.

Coaches Poll

1. Ottawa

2. Tabor

3 Friends

4. Sterling

5. KWU

6 University of Saint Mary

7 Bethany

8 McPherson

9. Bethel

10. Southwestern


The pre-season media poll placed Bethel in 8th place.

Media Poll

1. Friends

2. Tabor

3. Ottawa

4. Sterling

5. University of Saint Mary

6. KWU

7, Bethany

8. Bethel

9. Southwestern

10 McPherson


Bethel opens their season at home with a scrimmage on August 22nd at 10:30am against Fort Scott Community College.